Select high-end hotels, restaurants and cafes can sell our gelato.

...for passionate food lovers, enthusiasts and culinary artists. Awaken the sweetness of life with the fusion of authentic ingredients and innovative flavours with no gluten, enhancers or artificial aromas. Heavenly creamy enjoyment of impeccable quality, with prestige Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria certificate for quality.

Loved by the visionaries.


We offer 12 flavours in tubs, flavours so intense that they constantly satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. They are packed in transparent tubs that offer the aROMA gelato experience even while you’re soaking up the sunshine by the pool at your favourite hotel or topping off an unforgettable dinner with 100% natural gelato. Choose among seven dairy based flavours and five water based sorbets, made from select real fruit.

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Gelato is packed in 170 ml tubs made of crystalline plastic, so that it is fully visible. All fruit flavours are Vegan OK and all flavours are gluten-free.