Born in Italy. Made fresh daily.

Revolutionising tradition could seem nonsense, but this idea has won general support. It represents a return to gelato made with 100% natural ingredients, revolutionised by the use of modern technology to deliver performance and meet the quality standards required in today’s market. To this end, and after years of research and development of new natural ingredients with unique features, we have combined new mechanical technologies with traditional ingredients, such as fresh milk and seasonal fruits.

For our dairy-based gelato we use only GMO-free fresh milk.

Milk Splash

A full, rich taste and a smooth, silky texture

All aROMA products are made from the highest quality raw materials, with no additives or any artificial flavours or colourings. Our speciality, besides inspiring innovative flavours, is the remarkable structure of our gelato, which is obtained by a special procedure that makes our gelato creamier than, well, probably any you’ve ever tasted.