Blast away the heat with refreshing raspberry gelato.


Blast away the heat with refreshing raspberry gelato, made exclusively of piles and piles of fresh, real raspberries. Not too sweet, not too tart, just a lick and a bite of summery heaven.


whole milk with 3.5% milk fat, cream (from milk), grape sugar, milk powder mix 9% (milk protein, skim milk powder, cream powder (from milk), brown cane sugar), sugar, chocolate powder mix 9% (cocoa powder, skim cocoa powder, cocoa paste, sugar, brown cane sugar), stabilizers: locust bean gum, citrus fibers, natural vanilla extract, salt.

Can contain traces of eggs, soy, wheat gluten, nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachio) and peanuts.

Net: 170 ml


Energy (kJ/kcal) 441/104
Fat (g)0,1 
of which saturated fatty acids (g)0,0
Carbohydrates (g)23,4 
of which sugar (g)23,4
Fiber (g)2,5
Protein (g)0,5
Salt (g)0,01