aROMA experience

aROMA experience

While our gelato is in constant demand, you can’t buy it just anywhere.

aROMA Gelato Experience Boutique


You will probably experience aROMA while on a romantic walk through the narrow streets of popular seaside towns. Who could blame you if your eyes are drawn to the welcoming vibe of the aROMA boutique, with its slogan, L'AMORE PER IL GELATO, inviting you in? There you'll find a space that echoes the sunlight of Rome, where the siren song of Italian music coos from the speakers. There the scent of freshly baked ice cream cones entices you to choose one of the many flavours of 100% natural gelato.


We are proud of our aROMA gelato experience boutiques, but there are other ways to sell our products. Consider the aROMA Bike, Cube and Cabrio sales facilities.

aROMA bike

You don't always have to head off to the nearest aROMA boutique. As you stroll about town or head down to the beach, you may be lucky enough to encounter a friendly vendor on an aROMA bicycle. This mobile, leg-powered, emissions-free gelateria offers up the 14 best-selling flavours. You can even order an aROMA bike for your next business event or even for your best friend's wedding! Wedding cakes are great, but how about a gelato wedding with all of those flavours available to your guests?

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aROMA Cube

One of our first ideas was to create a mobile sales point for aROMA gelato. aROMA Cube can be set up seasonally, for example at a popular beach, and then moved to another location. So we built a monolithic structure, made of Kerrock, the dimensions of which are based on the famous Fibonacci sequence. aROMA Cube allows for total autonomy while providing everything that an aROMA boutique does, including the aROMA gelato experience of 32 unforgettable flavours which can be served up in any of three cups or in sizes cones.

aROMA cabrio

The summer sun summons convertible drivers and encourages them to lower their tops. We entirely agree and want the wind in our hair, too. With this in mind, we designed a hybrid kiosk that is halfway between an aROMA Cube kiosk and a classic vitrine offering gelato at a boutique. You might very well meet it along your favourite promenade, beside a swimming pool or hotel beach, or even in the courtyard of a stylish shopping mall.

Piccolo, Regolare, Grande

aROMA gelato can be purchased in three cups or cone sizes. Piccolo, Regolare or Grande.

You might have to wait in line at an aROMA gelato experience boutique.

That's a good sign, so take it easy. In the end, good things come to those who wait.